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A scooter is a motorcycle with a step-through frame that generally has smaller wheels than those of a standard motorcycle. A person can ride a motor-scooter without straddling it. The engine resides over the rear wheel permitting a sheltered driving platf

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2011 adly 50 in gauteng

2011 Adly SCOOTER 50

R 43,200

Mileage: 17737 km

Region: Gauteng

Colour: red black and white with gold rims

Engine Size: 49 cc

1998 adly 50 in western-cape

1998 Adly SCOOTER 50

R 30,000

Mileage: 47310 km

Region: Western Cape

Colour: Yellow, Purple, White

Engine Size: 49 cc

2014 adly 50 in gauteng

2014 Adly SCOOTER 50

R 3,000

Mileage: 2500 km

Region: Gauteng

Colour: blue

Engine Size: 49 cc

1979 adly 50 in free-state

1979 Adly SCOOTER 50

R 7,000

Mileage: 17000 km

Region: Free State

Colour: Blue

Engine Size: 49 cc

2001 adly 50 in gauteng

2001 Adly SCOOTER 50

R 49,900

Mileage: 36000 km

Region: Gauteng

Colour: Red

Engine Size: 49 cc